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Climb up – and climb out!

ClimbAID is a Swiss non-profit organisation that aims to foster the physical and psychosocial development of young refugees through climbing.

We are convinced that …

  • Climbing simulates the mind, fosters the physical development, builds a sense of community and cultivates feelings of accomplishment.

  • Climbing helps to cope with the psychological stress of conflict and the social marginalization many experience from living at the edge of society.

  • ClimbAID’s project will facilitate inter-cultural exchange through a sport, which creates positive emotions and connects individuals through a universal language.

Our passion is climbing, but our compassion for those in need – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

Join us and get involved!

Help Us Climb!

In December 2016 ClimbAID raised
more than 50’000 US Dollars in donations for its project “A Rolling Rock”. This amount is expected to cover construction and maintenance costs for about 6 to 12 months.

Apart from that we are continuously looking for material donations, specialised knowledge, muscle power and money donations in order to secure the long-term existence of ClimbAID and its initiatives.