A ROLLING ROCK حجر يتدحرج 2017-09-22T20:41:48+00:00

Project Description

A ROLLING ROCK حجر يتدحرج

With our mobile climbing wall built on a truck, we want to bring colour, movement and joy to vulnerable youth around the Beqaa!

Climbing …

  • Connects individuals from all backgrounds through positive emotions and common goals;
  • Fosters cognitive and physical development;
  • Fights depression and can help coping with psychological trauma and other mental disorders caused by war and challenging living conditions.

ClimbAID conducts its interventions in Lebanon in collaboration with Salam LADC and other locally established organisations and is currently looking to extend its partner network. In particular, we are looking for partners which can provide:

  • Coordination with local actors
  • Identification and selection of locality and participants
  • Snacks and drinks for participants, personnel and volunteers

ClimbAID is also looking for local volunteers from different cultural, ethnical and religious backgrounds. Volunteers will learn about:

  • Climbing techniques and safety measures
  • Training and injury prevention
  • Healthy nutrition for athletes
  • Project management and leadership
  • Climbing therapy and psycho-social support
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We can’t bring them to the mountains, so we bring a mountain to them.


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Although ClimbAID has a passionate and growing volunteer base, in the long run it only can exist with your support. Your donation of funds, equipment or knowledge will help us to secure the long-term existence of ClimbAID and its initiatives.