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noun: ClimbHEAD; plural noun: ClimbHEADs

  1. a person volunteering with ClimbAID
    “A group of ClimbHEADs discussed how to organise the Maxi Sessions over the next few months”
  2. a person representing ClimbAID
    “Nina quickly became a die hard ClimbHEAD.”
  3. a person feeling the urge to volunteer with ClimbAID.
    “I’m such a ClimbHEAD. Where can I sign up to volunteer with ClimbAID?”
Anita Kolettu
Anita KolettuMaxiCity (Lucerne)
Proud to contribute to this meaningful and sustainable project!
For the love of climbing- do what you love, with love
Arnaud Petit
Arnaud Petit
Beat Baggenstos
Beat BaggenstosFounder
Climbing – not war
Céline Caudron
Céline CaudronClimbAID France
Because it’s there!
Christian Auer
Christian AuerMaxiCrux (Biel)
It all started with bouldering. Later i fell in love with rock-climbing. And now I am excited about climbAIDing!
Dave Kennel
Dave KennelmaxiMiNimum (Zurich)
To share the joy and satisfaction of climbing, is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!
Gianina Costa
Gianina CostaProject Management
Empower youth through climbing and see them also making progress in other life skills is powerful!
Joane Steiner
Joane SteinerMaxiLinth (Näfels)
Climbing makes me perfectly happy and what in the world could be greater than passing forward this passion?
Katharina Hornschuch
Katharina HornschuchCOO
making people smile can change the world. maybe not the whole world, but their world.
Kathrin Aeberhard
Kathrin AeberhardMaxiCity (Lucerne)
Do what you can!
Kim Bodmer
Kim BodmerMaxiPlus (Winterthur)
For shining eyes and joyful laughs!
Laura Lurati
Laura LuratiMaxiPlus (Winterthur)
Climbing is nice – sharing it is wonderful
Nina Caprez
Nina Caprez
ClimbAID connects people through the magical power of climbing. I’m excited to be part of this project.